Nyamizi Bundala
Nyamizi Bundala

Professor Joyce Kinabo (Sokoine University of Agriculture)

Nyamizi Hashim Bundala
Sokoine university of Agriculture
P.O Box 3006
P: +255767694854

University of Hoheinhem
Description of PhD-Topic

Title: Diversified agriculture for a balanced nutrition: Constraints and drivers for consumption of diversified diet in rural households-Morogoro and Dodoma

Applied method: The study will comprise of 3 phases, phase one will be baseline survey, it will involve situation analysis and needs assessment. The information received from phase one will inform study design, techniques and specific methods including intervention approaches
Phase 2 will be intervention phase; information collected during baseline phase will determine kind of intervention to be implemented. Among others this phase will comprise designing of nutrition education materials, pre-testing and validation of designed materials
Phase 3 will be an evaluation phase; it will comprise follow-up, monitoring and evaluation

Specific Methods:: Methods of data collection will vary with project phases. Anthropometric assessment and dietary assessment will be done to determine food consumption pattern and nutritional status. Interviews and focus group discussion will be conducted to identify existing agronomic practices, knowledge, barriers and facilitators of consumption of diversified diet. Furthermore, information on household factors, motivations, and behaviors that facilitate consumption of diversified diet will be collected.
Expected results:

  • Establishment and documentation of food consumption patterns of the rural households in Tanzania

  • Identification households’ drivers and constraints of consumption of diversified diet

  • Development of an inventory of food production, processing, preparation and cooking practices

  • Developing nutrition education materials