The RWH progress as of 12thof April, 2017

The RWH progress as of 12thof April, 2017 After plastering the walls of the two wells covering the wells was a next important step. Generally, up to this moment about 90% of the work has been done. See the pictures below: Plastered wells Covering the wells with steel bar (kusuka nondo) Village leaders were there supervising the whole process and making sure that no single equipment is lost. Can this process (villagers’ involvement/ujenzi shirikishi) also serves as a means of developing capacity to these villagers?????????!!. Maybe...  » more

Well construction

Well construction The progress up to 8th of April  » more

The progress up to March 26

The progress up to March 26 Drilling/digging of the two walls is done, necessary materials for construction were collected and construction of the wells has just started. The work is in good progress as the construction of the basement for the two boreholes also locally known as “kumwaga jamvi” is yet finished and looking forward to resume on Monday after a Sunday break. Many thanks to Dr-student (Drs.) Festo Richard for a wonderful and tirelessly supervision; see the pictures for your review. Collection of necessary building...  » more

Tropentag Movie 2015 Berlin

Tropentag Movie 2015 Berlin The theme of 2015 is “Management of land use systems for enhanced food security – conflicts, controversies and resolutions”. Food security is still a vital worldwide concern and key policy issue. SCALE-N was presented in the frame of a specific scientific session organized by the Federal Office of Agriculture and Food (BLE) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The movie you can retrieve here  » more